Resources and Offers From Our Portfolio Companies

Our companies are working hard to meet the challenges of COVID-19. From telemedicine and wellness to takeout and home goods to purchasing and sales, our companies have created both free resources and special offers. We will update this list as new resources/offers become available.

Bikky has launched Project Quarantine, an initiative where diners can directly support local restaurants by ordering takeout + delivery, commission-free. Learn more here.

ettitude, a sustainable lifestyle brand offering home essentials, is offering 15% off sitewide to make staying home more comfortable. Use code ERANYC15. Learn more here.

Hyro is offering a complimentary chatbot/voice assistant for healthcare organizations/government agencies that can answer FAQs regarding COVID-19 as well as assist with initial diagnostics. Learn more here.

Lately is offering a 70% annual subscription discount to help small businesses with podcasts more effectively reach their audience; their AI automatically creates 30+ social posts with matching video clips. Use code ERA. Learn more here.

Mastermind is offering 30 days of unlimited access to their AI Assistant that saves software developers and team managers at least 45 minutes a day by automating repetitive tasks, improving team productivity while working remotely. Learn more here.

MyWellbeing has created a list of coronavirus-specific offerings from their community of therapists and mental health providers, and all of the clinicians they work with are now available for remote therapy. Learn more here.

Navimize is offering a 20% discount on their COVID-19 testing site queue management, COVID-19 waiting room social distancing, and COVID-19 decision tree triage platforms. Learn more here.

Nayya is offering free health insurance diagnostics using their analytics, and a free doctor navigator tool for employees. Use code ERACARES. Learn more here.

Negotiatus is offering two months’ free access to their purchase/pay platform to help businesses source hard-to-find cleaning/sanitizing products (at reasonable prices) and get set up at home with WFH essentials. Learn more here.

Pawlicy Advisor has partnered with veterinarians to create a pet parents guide to keeping your pet happy and healthy during COVID-19. Learn more here.

Polymer created Corona Guide, a high-quality searchable resource for important topics regarding safety, latest COVID-19 research, giving and finding help for businesses, medical communities, and families. Learn more here.

Popwallet is offering complimentary deployment services through August 2020 for businesses that want to enable safe, contactless mobile wallet consumer experiences for coupons, loyalty and gift cards, identification, tickets, and more. Learn more here.

ProdPerfect is offering 25% off data-driven autonomous E2E testing for web software teams that suddenly need to do more with less. Learn more here.

Recapped is offering non-profit teams six months of free service to easily collaborate with clients, consolidate communications in a single place, and create transparency on partnerships and projects. Learn more here.

Scopio is offering 50 free image subscriptions to help creatives and small businesses who are struggling for content. Learn more here.

Soundmind is offering senior care facilities voice assistant technology free service for the first 90 days to help quarantined residents connect with their families and reduce the effects of isolation. Learn more here.

Stix has launched “The Sanity Series,” a series of virtual events to help women through this time. Learn more here.

Tembo Health, a telemedicine practice that partners with nursing homes to provide residents with hard-to-access specialties like psychiatry and cardiology, is offering several COVID-19 initiatives to allow nursing home residents to stay connected, safe, and healthy. Learn more here.

Welnys is offering 30 free days of Welnys TV, a platform for health, wellness and fitness videos, so you can stay well at home. Learn more here.