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NYC’s Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator Announces Participants for its Winter 2018 Program; Ten Companies Receive $100,000 Investments

New York—January 8, 2018—Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) today announced that it has selected 10 startups for its Winter 2018 class, which begins today. The companies selected to participate in the four-month program are innovating in a variety of significant industries, all with businesses primed to grow in New York City.

This is the Accelerator’s 14th program. ERA’s initial investment in participant companies is $100,000.

Butler Hospitality is an on-demand platform for room service and amenities. We partner with hotels to transform their restaurant kitchens into Butler-operated food hubs. Hotels improve revenue and realize cost savings; guests use our SMS platform to get the food and amenities they want—charged directly to their hotel bill.


Flume Health is a platform that connects self-insured employers directly with healthcare providers to facilitate prompt-pay discounts for patient care. Flume Health reduces employer costs by 20%-60%, pays physicians at the time of service, and gives employees flexible treatment options.


HealNow is a platform that enables healthcare organizations and pharmacies to offer on-demand delivery to their patients. Our solution allows health systems to increase revenue by capturing more sales of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and other products from every discharged patient.


Serface Care is a modern personal care brand. Starting with a personalized deodorant, we want to elevate everyday routines with personal care products redesigned to be beautiful and functional. We use only all-natural ingredients to deliver the performance today’s customer expects.


Shop The Creative is a flash-fashion brand that creates and manufactures clothing to meet the hottest trends. We use machine learning to predict trends observed on social media, then manufacture items in China overnight and sell to targeted customers using proprietary algorithms.


Spin Analytics is an AI-driven platform that automates credit risk management and regulatory compliance for financial institutions and corporations. Our software drastically reduces time and manual effort, boosts efficiency, and enables clients to increase the accuracy of their forecasts.


SPRYFIT is a reward-based game platform that lets users bet on their fitness goals and win cash rewards. We combine the underutilized health data of wearables and smartphones with the motivating power of winning money to help people better achieve their health goals.


StellarEmploy is a SaaS platform for recruiting hourly workers. We enable companies with large workforces to hire staff more effectively. Our talent acquisition platform uses process automation and custom algorithms to match employee performance data to job fundamentals, increasing the quality of hires and reducing employee churn.


Welnys is a marketplace for workplace wellness services. We connect companies to vetted health and wellness professionals in yoga, nutrition, meditation and more. With Welnys, employers can create, manage and measure the programs employees want; vendors are matched to jobs that are safe, recurring and profitable.


Young Alfred is an online marketplace to easily compare and buy home insurance. We use machine learning to identify customer risks and needs prior to presenting custom recommendations. We solve the insurance distribution problem with one platform to shop, bind, and manage coverage.


About Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA)

Based in the heart of Manhattan, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator is one of New York’s leading technology accelerators and early-stage venture capital funds. It has invested in more than 150 start-ups since launching in 2011, helping to build the next generation of great New York technology companies. Its alumni companies, who come from all over the world, are already playing leading roles in the evolution of virtually every major global industry.