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We’re looking for a Program Manager for ERA Global

We're looking for a Program Manager for ERA Global, our division that runs programs focused on facilitating US market entry for global startups. ERA Global works directly with foreign governments, trade organizations, and companies to promote startups coming to New York City.

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Reinventing Video Calls with Roger

I’m a founder with a small software team, and we deal with a lot of friction when communicating with each other. Either we have to type out what we want to say in Slack or e-mail (WTF, it’s 2017…we still have to type our messages?) or go through the annoyances of a Skype session—which includes scheduling a […]
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What’s the best customer service story you know? Every company seems to have that one story where their customer service department went above and beyond to create a legendary customer experience.

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The War for Top Talent: Top 6 Hiring Mistakes

In the past decade, the business world has realized something that the Lakers, Yankees and Patriots have known forever: talent wins games. More than ever, a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent serves as a major factor in its long-term success or failure. In other words: the war for to

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