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Reinventing Video Calls with Roger

I’m a founder with a small software team, and we deal with a lot of friction when communicating with each other. Either we have to type out what we want to say in Slack or e-mail (WTF, it’s 2017…we still have to type our messages?) or go through the annoyances of a Skype session—which includes scheduling a […]
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What’s the best customer service story you know? Every company seems to have that one story where their customer service department went above and beyond to create a legendary customer experience.

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The War for Top Talent: Top 6 Hiring Mistakes

In the past decade, the business world has realized something that the Lakers, Yankees and Patriots have known forever: talent wins games. More than ever, a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent serves as a major factor in its long-term success or failure. In other words: the war for to

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An Overview of Summarization

One of Agolo’s main areas of focus is text summarization. Summarization is the process of taking a mess of unstructured information and distilling it into something consumable. Easier said than done. This formulation of the problem oversimplifies many considerations that a summarization system. . .

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Event Experiences are the New Swag

Socks, coasters, mints, hand sanitizer, candy, usb drives, flashlights, backpacks, notebooks, pens, water bottles, tote, phone chargers, t-shirts, keychains, moleskins, phone cases, paper weights, sunglasses, bluetooth speakers, baseball hats…. Those are just some of the items our CEO has collected at the 300+ conferences he’s attended over the years. How many socks, coasters, mints, hand […]
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