NYC’s (ERA) Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator Announces Participants For Its Summer 2024 Program

New York—June 17, 2024—ERA today announced that it has selected its Summer 2024 class. The companies selected to participate in the four-month program are innovating in a variety of significant industries, all with businesses ready to take advantage of ERA’s platform and the broader New York City opportunity.

This is the Accelerator’s 27th program. ERA’s initial investment in participant companies is $150,000 on a post-money SAFE in return for 6% of each company.

Adrsta AI is a cross platform, AI-enabled, 1st party data-driven Marketing Science SaaS platform for marketing planning, buying, and measurement. Using machine learning on integrated customer, sales, and advertising data, Adrsta AI empowers marketers with sophisticated marketing science solutions like Bid Optimizer, Next Best Action, Marketing Mix Modeling, Geo-based Measurement, and more.

Dokai transforms enterprise knowledge management with AI agents by optimizing time-to-answer and time-to-documentation. Dokai learns skills directly from user actions and provides interactive, visual guidance to assist others in performing tasks and workflows seamlessly.

Eloo saves companies costly software product mistakes and breakdowns by providing constant in-depth specs analysis. Using advanced AI models, Eloo “x-rays” the breadth and depth of both current and planned requirements and specs, and spots misalignments, wrongly planned systems, and unoptimized tech design – all from the comfort of our users’ current tools, flows, and workspaces.

Fig Medical is a platform to help doctors focus on patients, not administrative work. Our software integrates into the EHR and uses NLP methods to predict prior authorization outcomes. It retrieves, parses and analyzes all relevant clinical data and documentation, while also identifying missing prerequisites that the insurer may require for submission.

Flisk is an AI-powered data collection platform that solves the problem of inaccurate and inconsistent data. We give engineers, data teams, and business leaders the tools they need to track high-quality data. We prevent data pipeline disruptions and empower business teams to better understand what their data means.

Neru Health is AI-personalized sleep therapy to help businesses manage chronic sleep disorders beginning with 20M+ shift workers (nurses, truckers, and pilots). Neru reduces $100B in costs for employers by improving workforce productivity, safety, mental health, and cardiometabolic health with one sleep care platform.

NOX Energy offers heat pump owners the opportunity to earn passive income and reduce their electricity bills. Our AI-powered software makes it possible to steer the operation of multiple heat pumps, allowing us to participate in the flexibility market. This optimization not only generates significant CO2 savings but also maximizes efficiency.

Octozi builds AI agents to accelerate clinical development workflows for the pharma industry.  Our platform leverages custom large language models to automate traditionally manual and cumbersome activities in data cleaning and regulatory submission in order to accelerate time to market.

Plum Defense makes AI lifecycle management easy, secure, and effective. Our platform helps engineers improve the performance of their LLM applications.

Q.I. is an intelligent SAAS platform revolutionizing predictive insights and real-time content testing for direct-to-consumer brands, enhancing customer engagement and minimizing social backlash risks. By harnessing the power of AI and qualitative intelligence, Q.I. transforms fragmented audience and customer data into actionable, personalized, risk-assessed communication strategies that resonate authentically and drive loyalty.

Try8 is a demo automation platform enabling software companies to provide prospects with an immediate experience of their product, increasing the speed of purchase by removing friction.

WattsUp offers an advanced AI-driven predictive maintenance solution for EV chargers that dramatically enhances charger reliability. Our solution detects anomalies, predicts failures, autonomously orders parts, and schedules technicians—all without user intervention.

WIPJar minimizes the accumulation of dead inventory for businesses that develop, produce, distribute, warehouse, and sell physical product. While inventory optimization is always a work in progress, WIPJar de-risks and automates its management with an AI/ML SaaS.

Zero-True is a SaaS solution that enhances collaboration and ensures reproducibility among data teams. Our integrated development and deployment platform enables instant sharing of sophisticated AI/ML models and visualizations, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented speed and reliability.

10clear is an AI-powered reporting compliance solution. We optimize the quality of financial and non-financial reports and streamline compliance for our users. 10clear automates regulatory, accounting and sustainability disclosure and data evaluations.

About ERA

(ERA) Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator is New York City’s leading technology accelerator and early-stage venture capital fund. It has invested in 330+ start-ups since launching in 2011. Its alumni companies, who come from all over the world, are already playing leading roles in the evolution of virtually every major global industry. Notable investments include Glia, TripleLift, Katapult, Thirty Madison, Nayya, Order, Bespoke Post, User Interviews, Fund That Flip, CardFlight, and Scentbird. To date, ERA alumni companies have raised more than $2 billion in investor capital and collectively exceed $10 billion in market capitalization.