Resident Experts

ERA’s Resident Experts are highly experienced engineers, designers, and operations experts who are available to our startups.

Venture Scouts

Nash Ahmed, Co-Founder, CEO, Undock | ERA18 W’20
Mohamed Altantawy, Co-Founder, CTO, Agolo | ERA5 S’13
Liran Amrany, Founder, CEO, Debitize | ERA12 W’17
Chebem Chukwu, Co-Founder, CEO, MobilePhire | ERA13 S’17 | Acquired by MobileSense
Amar Sehic, Co-Founder, Rubik | ERA15

Carlo Cisco, Co-Founder, CEO, SELECT | ERA8 W’15
Jonathon Ende, Co-Founder, CEO, SeamlessDocs | ERA3 S’12 | Acquired by Kofile
Jacqueline Loeb, Co-Founder, CEO, Scouted | ERA10 W’16 | Acquired by
Nathan Meeks, Co-Founder, CEO, Gigzolo | ERA5 S’13
Krenar Roka, Co-Founder, Rubik | ERA15
Karen Moon, Co-Founder, CEO, Trendalytics | ERA4 W’13
Halston Prox, Co-Founder, CEO, HealNow, | ERA14 W’18
Arif Sorathia, Co-Founder, CEO, Karate Health | ERA11 S’16 | Acquired by Progentec
Andry Tanusdjaja, Co-Founder, COO, MuseFind | ERA9 S15
Jeff Tompkins, Co-Founder, AdvisorConnect | ERA7 S’14
John Williams, Co-Founder, Buzztable | ERA1 S’11 | Acquired by Sysco
Tommaso Montagni, Co-Founder and CEO, Rubik | ERA15

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Liran Amrany, Founder and CEO, Debitize | ERA12 W’17
Eric Berry, Founder and CEO, TripleLift | ERA2 | Acquired by Vista Equity Partners
Rami Bitar, Founder and CEO, VidRocket | ERA3 S’12
Nik Bonaddio, Founder and CEO, numberFire | ERA1 S’11 | Acquired by FanDuel
Chebem Chukwu, Co-Founder and CEO MobilePhire | ERA13 S’17 | Acquired by MobileSense
John Corrigan, Co-Founder and CEO, SummitSync | ERA12 W’17 | Acquired by Cvent
Joseph Galarneau, Co-Founder and CEO, Mezzobit | ERA6 W’14 | Acquired by OpenX
Harman Kochar, Founder, RetSKU | ERA5 S’13
Nick Miller, Founder and CEO, Parking Panda | ERA1 S’11 | Acquired by SpotHero
Sharmeen Mitha-Sehgal, Founder and CEO, AppyCouple | ERA2 W’12
Nishant Mittal, Co-Founder, Monaeo | ERA4 W’13 | Acquired by Topia
Karen Moon, Co-Founder and CEO, Trendalytics | ERA4 W’13
Erik Mumford, Co-Founder and CEO, Piiku | ERA5 S’13
Al Torres, Co-Founder, SummitSync | ERA12 W’17 | Acquired by Cvent
Nick Trusty, Co-Founder and CEO, Alumni Spaces | ERA8 W’15
Jay Shek, Co-Founder and CEO, Locality | ERA1 S’11
Warner Siebert, Co-Founder and CEO, Buzztable | ERA1 S’11 | Acquired by Sysco
Arif Sorathia, Co-Founder and CEO, Karate Health | ERA11 S’16 | Acquired by Progentec

John Williams, Co-Founder, Buzztable | ERA1 S’11 | Acquired by Sysco

Resident CTO

Cagatay Ozgur, Technologist, Expert Software Developer

Resident Technologists

Travis Bloom, Co-Founder and CTO, Pawlicy Advisor | ERA16 W’19
Rom Cohen, Co-Founder and CIO, Hyro | ERA15 S’18
Dan Goldin, Founder and CEO, Twing Data | Formerly Chief Architect, TripleLift ERA2 W’12
Michael Grassotti, CTO, LiftForward
Tom Jaklitsch, Co-Founder and CTO, Negotiatus | ERA10 W’16
Rahul Mahida, Co-Founder and CTO, Daivergent | ERA15 S’18
Carlos Montoya, Co-Founder and CTO, Stellar Employ | ERA14 W’18
Matt Pestritto, Startup CTO
Andrei Rebrov, Co-Founder and CTO, Scentbird | ERA7 S’14

Resident Product Experts

Pierre Wooldridge Mobile UX Expert
Gokce Gizer Design, Marketing and Branding Expert

Resident UI/UX Expert

Viktoriia Pshenychko Software and UX expert

Resident Accent and Communications Coach

Lisa Marie Patti, M.S. CCC-SLP Accent and Communications Coach


If you’re interested in becoming an intern at ERA or for our companies, we want to hear from you! We run programs for college and grad students looking to get involved in startups and work in an entrepreneurial environment. Our founders look for interns across many functional areas from engineering to market research and UI/UX to business plans.Please email us to learn more about being an intern at ERA.

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